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Diecast and tinplate – ending up overseas – Jeffrey Levy Antique Toys

Collectors Gazette, July 1985

Classic tinplate toys are increasingly appearing in the stocklists of Mint & Boxed. Jeffrey Levy’s top London toy collectors’ shop. From the outset he insisted on quality in the diecast models he offered for sale, now he has adopted a similar policy for tinplate specimens.

On a recent visit to Mint & Boxed Jeffrey was anxious to show us just how much quality he does offer.

Customers who are knowledgeable about tin toys might well marvel at where he gets such things but on our visit one of the first items pointed out was a Lehmann Tut Tut of 1903.

Said Jeffrey: “This is the earliest toy I have ever had for sale in the shop. Naturally it is mint and boxed.

One hardly dares to actually pick up such venerable old toys! Buts its condition was quite unbelievable, almost as if it had been sealed in an airtight vault since the Edwardian years.

Also noted was a pre-world War 1 Bing battleship, once again mint and boxed, and a Lehmann OHO, this example being unboxed.

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