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Queen’s Award for world of toys – Jeffrey Levy antique toys

Limited Edition, Jan 1991

Antique toy specialist Jeffrey Levy who trades as Mint & Boxed at London, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement. As well as the gallery at London the firm opened a further in Madison Avenue, New York last September. Much of the business, though, is mail order.

The award comes as a direct result of a highly successful export drive undertaken over the past year. The united states market was developed and significant inroads have been made into the Far Eastern market.

Mr Levy started Mint & Boxed seven years ago, dealing primarily in toys from the 1870-1970 period and turnover has risen from £300,000 in 1983 to £14 million in the year ending June 1990. Sales for the current year are expected to exceed £27 million.

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