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Japanese Comic book style – Jeffrey Levy antique toys

Illustrated by ChoeL-sa Ki, Sep 1990

One aspect of Japanese culture is the immense popularity of comic books and printed animated stories. In the case of The World of Antique Toys during the 1980’s and 1990’s, a Japanese publication published a running printed comic/animation feature on the day to day workings of the “Mint & Boxed” Toy Gallery in New York. Jeffrey Levy, the Founder and Chairman, featured in these light-hearted tales of some of the more eccentric transactions and characters at the 3-storey gallery on Madison Avenue, New York. These reproduced excerpts are just some of the more colourful examples. The famous toy companies of Marklin, Bing, Gunthermann, Lehmann, Carette and many more were brought to the fore within these stories, and introduced in an amusing Japanese-centric context.

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