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Toys for the City boys – Jeffrey Levy toys

The Times, Jan 1988

Investors searching for a home for their money after the stock market crash may soon be given the chance to take a stake in a unit trust specializing in antique toys.

The scheme has been drawn up by Mr Jeffrey Levy who has turned a hobby collecting rare toys into. A profitable business.

His company, Mint & Boxed, based in London, buys and sells antique toys – mainly trains, cars and boats – and last year made profits before tax of ‎£500,000 on sales of £1.25 million. This year it is expecting a turnover of £3 million.

Mr Levy, aged 31, started the business with £2,000 capital in 1984. “It had been a hobby for nine years and I decided to try and make it a full time business. People buying antique toys range from the man in the street to film stars and many of the wealthiest in the country.”

He is currently bidding for a New York collection worth around £350,000 which includes a German Marklin Luitpold paddle boat made in 1890. He believes this item alone could be resold for £65,000. Mr Levy’s biggest deal so far involved the sale of a 14-inch 1906 open top car for £45,000.

“I am interested in toys made up to the 1950s,” says Mr Levy. A 1955 Dinky toy Austin Somerset saloon car is now worth £150.

He has now linked with some City investors keen on setting up a unit trust which aims to raise about £5 million for investment in toys.

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