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A Unique Business Mint & Boxed – Jeffrey Levy

Antique Toy World, Jan. 1987

The colorful center – spread advertisements which regularly appear in Antique Toy World leave us in no doubt whatsoever that Jeffrey Levy’s London-based international toy collectors’ emporium is really unique!

When he first commenced business trading in collectable toys, Jeffrey Levy made a specialty of supplying diecast collectors the world over with the finest examples of the desirable models made by Dinky Toys and similar manufacturers. All the items offered for sale were in first-class condition, compete with their original boxes – hence the ideal choice of the business name, “Mint & Boxed.”

For some time, Mint & Boxed has also become an important center for collectors seeking to obtain the very best examples of antique tinplate toys, and the newest venture is into the realms of classical toys trains from the firms of Marklin, Bing, Bassett-Lowke, and other famous manufacturers.

As with the diecast products offered for sale, only quality tinplate items are stocked, and Jeffrey back up all purchases by offering an unconditional guarantee to all his customers.

“If any toys we sell are not up to our costumers’’ satisfaction, we will willingly take them back and offer credit of a full case refund without any question whatsoever.” Jeffrey informed me.

“We fully guarantee that every item we offer is authentic in every way. If the purchaser finds that the toy has been interfered with in any way, we will buy it back at the full purchase price.”

He told me that he wants to publicize his unconditional guarantee in order to emphasize the high business principles and morals exercised by Mint & Boxed.

“I take great pride in offering the finest service possible – one that is unparalleled in the antique business,” he continued.

“It is an attitude which has instigated confidence among professional buyers, and we are very happy to find that we are attracting more and more international clients, including a number of professional bodies such as museums and city institutions.”

The interest shown by museums wishing to purchase rare toys has led Mint & Boxed offering an advisory service providing information on the most aesthetically pleasing eye-to-eye techniques of display.

“I consider every piece I sell to be a unique work of art,” Jeffrey expounded,” and this is why I like to use the word ‘Unique’ in my advertisements. My advertising campaign for 1987 will stress my feelings by means of incorporating classical works of art alongside the toys illustrated. This month’s center-spread includes Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, as an example.”

Increasing attention is being paid to the antique toy market from another quarter – the world of pension and investment fund managers who are pushing up the price of the more classical examples by investing considerable amounts of money in these playthings from the past. Jeffrey has noticed a sizeable increase of interest from this section of the community.

“There has been a tremendous growth in the antique toy business,” commented Jeffrey, “but I feel that it is really still in its infancy yet.”

Jeffrey is building up a fine personal collection of old toys at his beautiful home in the pastoral English countryside, and is presently designing an extensive garden railway layout for a working vintage Gauge 1 system.

He certainly revels in all the trappings of the successful businessman, commuting daily to his London office in his luxury Rolls Royce Corniche.

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